Gas Removal Of Construction Debris

Вывоз мусора автомобилем ГазельGazelle's garbage disposal has several advantages. Pay attention to some of them:

  • Gasel has small dimensions
  • It's manoeuvrable enough to go where there's no big tech going.
  • The transportation of garbage in Gaza is much cheaper than in large transport.
  • Gazelle can go through the city center, unlike large trucks.
  • It's easier to load / unload debris.

Kascad is exporting debris to Gaza on favourable terms. You can order either a one-time garbage disposal or a contract for the regular shipment of garbage to the field of the Gazelle car. An order can also be made to load our garbage trucks.

Gaza Strip removal

A sufficient number of building debris and waste are generated in the renovation and redesign of apartments.

Maybe the whole volume of brick and café, as well as the pieces of the thing, isn't as big as ordering it out with a big bunker. The best solution is to pack this scrap into polypropylene bags and to carry out removal of construction debris Gazelle.

It is important to take into account the technical limitations on the mass and volume of waste being exported. One time, the paper could remove the building debris weight. not more than 1.5 tonnes and volume not exceeding 8 m3♪ Large waste generated during construction, such as fractures of different pipes, old windows and door blocks, large doses or old furniture, may require a few walks of Gaza.

Why is Gazelle's garbage disposal cheap?

First, low fuel costs compared to heavy transport.

Second, there are no restrictions on movement in parts of the city in Gaza, which means that the route of the garbage can be reduced.

Kascad proposes to order the removal of Gaza ' s debris at a cost of money 3,000 roubles

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