Domestic Garbage Collection

сортировка бытового мусора

The first step that can be taken by any region, any municipal education, is to minimise the quantities of TBT stored by selecting business fractions suitable for secondary use. This will reduce by 10 to 20 per cent (by mass) the number of waste held with minimal budgetary costs.

Recycling and reprocessing of secondary raw materials with finished products (recycling) is the most viable waste management option that can be unsatisfactory, as well as a push for further development of waste collection and recycling. The main problem with recycling is the lack of separation. According to experts, in Russia, the incursions in solid household waste are currently 40 per cent, but when a general container is in use, most of the incursions are losing their consumer properties. The real output of the sorting is always less than the nominal. The grading is complicated by the presence of a large number of ballast fractions and the overloading of the conway. Therefore, the mass of the retrievable intake does not exceed 10 to 12 per cent. It should be noted that the waste collection and disposal scheme, the starting point of which is segregated collection, should end with specialized capacities where each type of separately collected waste will be processed by appropriate technology. However, there are currently virtually no garbage disposal facilities in Russia for sub-grading and separating secondary raw materials. Moreover, specialized organizations that collect multiple types of secondary raw materials do not rely on their own car parks and cannot offer logistics schemes for second-hand exports. Therefore, given the real prospects for developing integrated waste management schemes in Russian cities, we will have to focus on mixed household wastes for a long time. At present, both in large and medium-sized and small Russian cities, two basic logistics schemes are being used in the technology for the handling of chanted solid household (communal) chaos. The first scheme provides for the direct export by road of containerized landfills collected on landfills and...

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