Ekaterinburgh Construction Debris Removal

Уборка строительного мусора с
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The ECO-TRANS company ' s services in Ekaterinburg are listed among the services provided. removal of construction debris♪ At present, when there is a massive construction of buildings and facilities in the city, the issue of timely removal of construction debris is very relevant. Very often, the timing of the contractor ' s delivery of the facility is directly evading the possibility of timely clean-up of the building site and the building ' s facilities from dismantled structures, waste materials and other wastes.

ECO-TRANS offers the State, municipal and commercial enterprises of Ekaterinburg to export construction debris and ensures the quality and speed of the work.

The question of the time frame for the removal of construction debris is often unexpectedly raised in front of the developer ' s plant and is usually linked to the specificity of the work performed. Given this, we work 24 hours a day, providing our customers with low-cost and time-friendly garbage disposal services.

Construction debris removal and prices are developed taking into account factors such as:

  1. Nature of construction debris
  2. Remote object
  3. Workloads
  4. Timely payment

An automobile equipped with a modern, productive garbage disposal facility (samples, garbage trucks) allows the choice of a suitable vehicle for each specific case and depending on the conditions. Professional drivers perform all tasks assigned to them within a short time frame.

In our company, you can order:

  • The removal of any amount of construction debris from the territories of companies and construction organizations;
  • The removal of building debris from the apartment and the private house;
  • Export of solid household waste and large debris;
  • Replacement bunkers (8 m3, 20 m3, 27 m3) and reservoirs (0, 75-1, 1 m3) and their regular maintenance;
  • the snow.

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