Transport Of Construction Debris To Cargoes

Вывоз мусора с грузчиками services ) Removal of garbage from cargo

Our company specializes in extracting various types and volumes. We are working with construction companies, TSW, SGC and private individuals, and we are transporting debris with containers, as well as offering services to our shippers.

With the help of our specialists and the special equipment fleet, we remove and deliver the following types of debris:

Our advantages are:

  • Extensive experience in this area;
  • Qualitative, diverse and always correct;
  • Integrated approach to work (export, loading, removal and disposal of all types of debris);
  • Provision of disposal documents;
  • Provision of discounts for permanent clients.

Loading and removal of garbage by containers

We're ready to remove the trash with a container loaded from the apartment, a long house, a garage, etc. We'll take out old furniture, household equipment and other garbage that can't be built near the house or in the trash room.

Loading and removal of garbage on special equipment

Вывоз мусора с грузчикамиBeing in Moscow and Moscow oblast, you can always order in our company any container, a backpack, a Gazelle or a bunker.

Waste disposal, loading and removal on Gaza

Except for the cargo crews at your disposal, a large fleet of special equipment and trucks, including we can offer you a small Gazelle car. removal of construction debris

The rental of Gazaley has an affordable price, as well as an excellent way to remove a small amount of debris. For example, this car can be ordered to remove debris from the apartment after repairs, to remove old furniture, windows and doors, appliances and other similar items.

If Gazalee is not enough to carry out your order, use our 8 to 27 m3 containers. Containers are very popular, as they have more and only one exit and all debris together with affordable costs.

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