Business Plan To Download Debris

Как открыть переработку бытовых отходов? Готовый бизнес-план переработки бытовых отходовAdded: 0

Plan for the installation and operation of a TBT refinery (solid household waste) by sorting and press, with an estimated annual productivity of 100,000 tons.

To date, one of the relevant and intervening problems is the recycling of debris, which is due to the rise in production and consumption; as a result, the environmental situation continues to deteriorate as a result of waste of different types, combined with increased volume and scale. Therefore, clean-up technologies and waste treatment plants capable of carrying out mass clearance of areas of varying nature, such as land, fields, forest lands, are in high demand. These technologies will help to counter the threat of accumulation of debris, its combustion and harmful gases to the atmosphere and other natural objects at least.

Solid domestic waste management (BWT) is considered to be the most difficult problem, not only because of the difficulty of processing technology, but also because these wastes are consumer wastes, i.e. " produced " by humans. According to specialists, one person produces an average of 200 to 300 kg of TBO per year.

Despite these figures, in Russia neither the population nor the public services perform primary classification of the TBT. In relatively more developed countries in Europe, this problem has been given greater attention.

On our website, we have also devoted attention to a sensitive topic, such as the processing of tyres (including in mosto) and tyres. In addition, you can read a few recommendations on the secondary cheese business - glass.

Project objective

Establishment and implementation Household Processing Plant waste with further development of selected components suitable for recycling and further use. In the future, increased productivity through the establishment of several factories and their subsequent integration into a single enterprise network.

Project relevance

The main vision of the project is to improve the environmental situation in individual regions, resulting in the normalization of sanitation. In a number of other ways: recycled waste components that are suitable for reuse, such as composts, safe-waste species and others; neutralize future debris accumulation threats, develop a waste-processing production system.


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