Business Plan

Aluminium, plastic, rubber, glass is garbage we don't think we're throwing into a trash can. However, good money can be made on domestic waste. By investing in debris, the businessman hopes to gain guaranteed profits, and he usually receives it because the landfill business in our country is not very active.

At the same time, the experience of foreign countries in separating waste, garbage, TBT demonstrates a very attractive aspect of " dirty " business. The money invested in the opening of the plant, the recycling of garbage, is very fast returning to the businessman. With maximum cost-effectiveness, deep recycling of debris takes place.

Primary debris collection is the most difficult one. The population in Russia dumps all the garbage in a single container, and the practices of European countries, where there are separate containers for each type of waste, have been slowly managed by us. Although questionnaires on garbage disposal showed that a large proportion of the population favoured such innovation. But as long as it's not done, entrepreneurs have to deal with this problem on their own.

Открытие мусороперерабатывающего завода: сортировкаDirty Business

Separate waste management in a business like domestic waste management is certainly high. This would enable entrepreneurs to substantially reduce costs. As practice shows, this business is the hardest thing to do, to organize and manage primary debris. Special garbage processing equipment, but his grading must be performed manually. Such workers would need a large number of workers - at least 35-40 if they were a solid enterprise.

What is the essence of pre-treatment? All types of debris need to be clearly sorted by type of materials - glass, plastic bottles, gesture banks, wood, metal. A muscle that is not suitable for processing is also manually removed. A major problem for many businessmen in this case is the search for workers, because not every job-seeker will want to be trashed.

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