Business With Minimal Investments

бизнес с минимальными вложениямиVarious economic hardships and financial storms have forced many people to seek additional sources of income to improve their material situation. The simplest and most accessible option is your own profitable business. How to open your business with the minimum investment in 2016, you will find out from this article.

Waste business

It sounds weird, but you can make good money on the trash. The landfills have accumulated a large number of different waste, the treatment of which is profitable. The inciner from plastic and bottles is purchased in large volumes by pipe manufacturers and fittings. Fuel bricks or pellets may be made of wood waste, and the processed macculature is used to produce toilet paper.

Mini...garbage processing equipment It's not expensive. If you don't have start-up capital, you can borrow. Waste management is one of the most lucrative ideas of small business with minimal investment in 2016. Its cost-effectiveness is 50 per cent, so all initial investments will be paid at the earliest possible date.

Wheel café

The café on wheels abroad is very popular. In our country, this kind of business is just starting to develop, so you can take your niche in this field without problems.

If 100 to 120 clients are served daily, the mobile café will bring 100 to 125 thousand net income roubles each month. To succeed in this business, it is necessary to choose the place for trade correctly and to offer customers good quality food at affordable prices.


When considering the list of business ideas 2016 with minimal investment, pay particular attention to such activities as wedding design. It's a small and interesting job that allows a decent income. She's perfect for artists with a well-developed fantasy.

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