Business On The Macculature

Бизнес на макулатуреProcessing of secondary raw materials for environmental purposes has now become relevant. This process is particularly welcomed by the State. The protection of natural resources is considered a priority in our country. Processing of macculature is an important undertaking to preserve the beauty of Russian forests. During the restructuring period, everyone forgot about such a good exercise, but Processing of macculature - is a promising direction. In the past 10 years, there has been an increase in the number of reception and processing facilities, but they are still not sufficient.

Why is the processing of maculatures in our country not very popular?

In practically all developed countries, reprocessing has long been established. The process of separating debris from containers in Europe has gone to automation. Children have learned from the smallest years to distribute TBTs in different urns. The processing of paper waste is therefore well established. In our country, this system is just trying to launch, but not as successful as it would be. It is also very difficult to force people to bring unnecessary newspapers, notebooks, boxes and other paper to reception centres. People's mentality suggests that if they do something, they have a bad material situation. Therefore, all useful raw materials go to a common dumpster and are not processed.

This situation is difficult to address, but if a proper publicity campaign is carried out and the experience of developed countries is shown to publicize the process, the situation can be improved: at least the unnecessary maculature will be good.

The profitability of this business is very high - 30 to 50 per cent.

The financial aspect of surrendering the macculature is still not the last place. Even if you convince people to bring unnecessary maculature to you, they'll do it with double vomit when they're paid for it. If the situation could not be rectified, the partial solution to the problem was also progress.

Ecology is, of course, a good one, but our goal is to build a good business on this issue. First, the second raw material is relatively cheap compared to the fresh tree that just fell into the woods, and secondly, this business is under the wing of the State, so they're going to have to pay you back and possibly additional funding.

The process of building a macculatural “empire” consists of several stages. You can gradually go through them, or you can be tempted to organize full production. It depends on your financial capacity, that is, the seed money you have.

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