Secondary Business

Интересные идеи для бизнеса

The article considers possible earnings and ideas Secondary business (metal, glazing, maculator, etc.)

The idea of a second-rate job on the Internet isn't so rare, but they all look at it kind of superficial, I thought I'd get a little deeper into the bottom of the case.

After reading some literature, watching the information on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't that simple. A combination of "business for the second"there's about 10 types of activity, different in content. You can do both a separate species and a few together.

The first, and perhaps the most famous in Russia, is the collection of glazing. And there are also varieties. Glass may be collected and re-solded to the reception centres of the factories producing the products. There are nuances here. As far as I know, not all the bottles used to be taken.

They were mostly dark half-litre bottles of beer, lemonade, juice. The situation with the dark glass has not changed now, and such bottles have the highest price. At present, almost all are accepted. The second variety is the search for bottles of antique value. These are old bottles made by single copies, small circulation, commemorative dates, anniversarys. Many of them are made of crystal, coloured glass. Such bottles are hunted in antique shops, they buy restaurants and interer bars, they can buy museums. Of course not for small money.

The price of bottles found on the scene of former fighting in the ruins of houses.

There is also another possibility of using bottles as a building material. A number of firms are involved in the production of a bar from bottled-docked bottoms. Some people build suburban houses using empty bottles. They get warm, light, beautiful.

The pan shall be placed outside by the bottoms with cement bottles to increase the strength and soundproofing of the bottles filled with land, sand or other fillers. Dead people use empty bottles as a material for a variety of deals. It's easier to turn the bottle into a vase, and it's got to be cut off. ♪ ♪

It's hard to figure out that today's scrap is making huge profits.
An individual collector (i.e., people without the establishment of a legal entity involved in the collection of the scrap) may, for example, conclude a contract with the owner of a scrap or a contract to clean up the area where the scrap is located. It is worth noting that there will be a need to take care of the large metal (to the size of the points) and its removal.

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