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Mobile medical and diagnostic complex

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- Abbreviated MLDC
- full Mobile Medical and Diagnostic Complex
- Esculapus factory
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The MLIRC Complex is designed to provide qualified and specialized medical assistance to victims of fighting, disasters and natural disasters, as well as routine dispensation and treatment in areas remote from health facilities. In the event of large numbers of affected populations, the complex could be used to provide first-aid medical and skilled emergency response.
MLRC can operate both as a stand-alone unit and as part of other medical units, including separate special-purpose medical units, as part of the strengthening of substantive units. The unit is designed for air temperatures from -50 C to +50 C and relative humidity to 98 per cent at +25 C.
The Complex ensures that:
~ Medical treatment;
:: Provision of qualified and specialized assistance;
- anaesthetic and reactivation of operational intervention and early post-operation period;
The use of active methods of detoxification to treat endogenic and exogenic intoxication;
~ Preparing victims for temporary hospitalization and further evacuation.

State Enterprise Moscow Institute of Heat Technicians (127276, G. Moscow, Berez Alley, 10/1, )
Special Automobile Company (413105, Engels, Saratov province)

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