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Titus went back. Now the call athletes call themselves a popular friend, form an army of former atoshs and football hooligans, and the core of the structure is on the payroll of the criminal. Vesty found out how the business called the White Church guy Vadim Titusko changed.
Military replenishment

Udmurt of Odessa

The beer was one of the first men in the army to think that thousands of greasy scumbags, former tits, hoppers, burrows, football hooligans could become more effective weapons than subordinates. For many reasons. The subordinates are, they're going to serve and leave sooner or later, they're not motivated, they're obeyed by the statute, often drink, they're able to squeeze a military prosecutor. Officers can sit him down, take him to the prosecutor's office. They all have a shipy weapon that's registered for everyone, and it's easy to find out who shot him, for what. And the Batovians are motivated, collated, luto hates the militia and the prosecutor's office, and they don't, they're armed with inaccurate weapons that don't touch a particular person. It's not that difficult to tie them to themselves, the romance of the UDV, and simply the traction of an adult, Colonel, more like " his own " colonel, with similar views. To tie them to themselves, and they'll do anything for you.
There was another one. The beer understood that the third Maydan would begin sooner or later. And he'll be with a lot of blood, and the power will come, radical donuts. Because there's a limit, and money and human patience. And when he's there, there's no way you're going to get away with the ATO I.D. because everyone on the front knows who and what he's doing. It's gonna start, and some of the officers who have been specially beaten will just stand up at the gates of a part of their soldiers. To the glory. And at this point, it would be very nice to have friends from radical nationalists who would confirm that he was his own. It's not bad to have one.
Batows are field commanders, they're already sitting in Rada, and there's a whole lot of other things, there's a million dollars in it, not money. He's worse. There's... there's no fucking joke.

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