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Titus went back. Now the call athletes call themselves a popular friend, form an army of former atoshs and football hooligans, and the core of the structure is on the payroll of the criminal. Vesty found out how the business called the White Church guy Vadim Titusko changed.
Military replenishment

Running the athletes who chased the rallies went back. Now, according to the public and radicals, new tits are based on people who have arrived in the ATO area. " Looking for both ex-mobilized and warriors in good faith. They're gonna call and go to the stock. Predominantly, this is the seizure of land or real property, the confrontation around illegal constructs - attacks or protection " .

Nicolai Dulski ' s leader of the legal tradition of Nicolai drew attention to the fact that football hooligans had recently become prominent among the “friends”.

"There's a lot to pay for, like, 100 to 200 grains, and sometimes they come for the drive. They also have a high mobilization potential, one well-respected fan in his circle can lead to hundreds of others. They are actively involved in the cuttings, but more often involved in provocations at rallies " , said by Dulski.

In the regions, the birds began to focus around security agencies. So, for example, it happened in Winnitz-- those who used to drive around Majdan now have a legal roof. “They have licenses, the right to a special device. Extrabudgetary sports organizations remain potential threads. They are sent to close the entrance to the gorispox when, for example, retirees are there. In March 2015, in Odessa, vinnic tits turned cars. They take them, if necessary, and in Kiev, said “Vices” to a vinnic journalist and a politician, Victor Malinovsky.
For money and friendship.

It's just that (when you put on a couple of shares that the participants collect on social media) in the ranks of modern tits don't get caught. They're accepted on the recommendation, and newcomers are waiting for a criminal investigation. "For who you bring, you answer your head. Then they find out what kind of person they're hoping for. If he fits, he'll be paid.

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