Construction Garbage Container

Аренда контейнера для мусора

Do you need a bunker for garbage, scrap or solid household waste (BW)? Containers and bunkers, designs for the collection and removal of various debris, will be the best for these purposes.

Metal Construction garbage container - Strong design for optimization, automation of collection and subsequent removal of various debris. These devices prevent landfills and waste disposal in nearby territory. They can also remove the ground from the site of the land, foliage and even snow.

Our company offers to buy containers and bunkers in Moscow from 8 to 35 m3. These articles are produced from a sheet and liner metal flare with a thickness of 2-4 mm. They are characterized by universal application, not only by companies specializing in construction and repair, but also by various communal, industrial or trade enterprises for the collection of TBTs and other wastes.

The main advantages of the receptacle data are:

  • The hard-walled design shall ensure the high strength and long life of the product.
  • Completely automated loading process.
  • Construction debris shall be waived during loading or unloading of packagings.
  • The design involves the presence of an open board, facilitates the unloading.
  • Possibility of removal (with full packaging) of garbage cans with different chassis varieties and with any length base.

We can order different product designs that can significantly facilitate the collection and export of different TBTs:

  • universal;
  • Hooks;
  • cable;
  • for scrap metal.

You can buy containers and a compact bunker for debris on the most advantageous terms at the GSW. In order to order the necessary product, contact our managers on the contact phone. We'll always be happy to help you choose and consult on interesting questions.

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