Order A Building Debris Container

To determine the value and order of the container, you may use the calculator.

Delivery of garbage by container: services at the highest level

Clean and order is the key to comfort and preservation of a healthy urban environment. garbage disposal is a complex, multi-stage task that needs to be addressed daily. It is only for professionals to trust this process.

We're not working for one year, and we've been able to prove responsibility and professionalism in this time, to earn the irresponsible reputation and trust of hundreds of clients.

For your services

If you need to remove the garbage from a container in Moscow, we offer you operational, professional services. We have a modern mobile fleet of domestic and import production. This is a manoeuvre transport of different goods capacity in an ideal technical state.

Our specialists export construction debris to containers and other types of waste (including liquid, large, spray and dangerous). The receptacles of different capacity, capacity and destination are used.

We're taking out the trash with a different size container:

контейнер для мусора 8 м3

• 8 m3. Used when construction and household waste, concrete and brick battles, industrial debris, scrap metal and small amounts of snow are downloaded. Its pros in relatively small size, which allows it to be installed in virtually all the courtyards of the city;

•20 m3. Used to clean up various debris in industrial plants and construction facilities. Serves for loading both lungs and heavy sorrow: groundwater, concrete, brick, wood, metal, etc.

•27 m3. Suitable for the collection and removal of large-scale debris, building sorrow, snow.

Cost of removal of garbage by container

The removal of debris by a container depends on several factors. This is the range of transport, the specificity of waste, the extent of its danger, the volume of the shipment, the regularity of cooperation.

We guarantee:

  • Rapid disposal of any volume of waste;
  • Careful loading in the receptacle;
  • The removal of debris by a container is cheap;
  • flexible schedule of work;
  • Individual approach.
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