Disposal Of Construction And Household Debris

Any city needs to dispose of debris in time from its streets and alleys. St. Petersburg is no exception. Unfortunately, in the long history of the city, the psychology of its inhabitants has not yet been altered, and the debris continues to appear on the streets of the city... At present, nearly five million custodians live in St Petersburg. It has long been known that only one resident in the city has been “producing” more than 500 kilograms of waste of various kinds.

It's not hard to imagine what's going to happen to the city if it doesn't take out the trash, or the trash will be cleaned up and exported in no way. This means only one thing: the city ' s inhabitants and its guests will have to move through the mountains of garbage and carry gas masks on their heads. Qualitative waste management not only makes the city ' s attractive appearance, but also prevents the spread of different infections.

In a big city like St. Petersburg, the removal of domestic debris requires a clear organizational approach and a sufficient number of modern technologies. It is the availability of the necessary quantities of equipment that enables the city to be brought to an ideal state within a very short time frame.

But not only does household trash make the gray capital streets unattractive. Spb garbage disposal is another leaf cleaning in the fall and snow in the winter. Cleaning leaves is easier than cleaning snow. Of course, the snow from the sidewalks is being cleaned up fast enough. There's a special mini-tech. A large number of tons of snow require a large quantity of loading equipment and specialized equipment for the removal of snow masses.

Fortunately, in recent years, specialized companies with modern snow-wall equipment in their fleet have quickly and qualitatively addressed the challenge of snow removal.

But snow, leaves, household debris is only part of the iceberg that needs to be removed from the streets and palaces of Petersburg. The city continues to grow, and the removal of construction debris should also be carried out expeditiously as snow. New neighbourhoods are growing, old ones are being rebuilt, and the number of construction debris needs to be exported to special polygons outside the city is increasing. And it's not easy, but transport companies come back to help. High transport loads of the city are hampered by operational Building debris removal♪ In this case, the streets, tracks, which are designed to be loaded are saved.

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