Waste-Processing Equipment

технологии и оборудование

The risk of environmental disaster increases in geometric heat. In only one year, a man throws up to 300 kg of plastic bottles and packages. The full decomposition of the said debris will take at least 200 years.

Describe three types of equipment:

  1. Rabbit - A universal aggregate that is designed to crush the canister, boxes and pallets from plastic, film and tissue. Prosthetic, no special skills. It's possible to founcion 24 hours/day.
  2. Schreder. A modern device which consists of a powerful engine and a knife. The long-lasting design of the blade harmonizes the long life of the instrument - at least 10 years. Good for processing wood, plastic pipes, paper, and small polypropylene bows.
  3. Plastics - state-of-the-art plastic reprocessing equipment that seals and prepares waste for further transformation steps: lithium, granulation and estruct. Technicians are highly productive with small energy costs. This plastic bottle machine produces a spray product.

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