Processing Equipment


Technocomplex is an exclusive seller from the manufacturer of low-temperature Pirotex, as well as commercial processing equipment: pyrolysis carbon and liquid fuel.

If 10 years ago, most of the industry was mentioned Processing plants Tyres, plastics, plastics, plastic bottles, petrochems and used oils in liquid products are currently being recycled, with activated coal, oil, diesel and petrol.

Each new pyrolysis facility has a number of positive developments. This is facilitated by extensive work with Pirotex companies and careful analysis of both critical and positive feedback.

2008 development. Pirotex is a closed pyrolysis plant. Previous generations of pyrolysis plants - Constant-6 and Constant-6 Module 2 have been removed due to deep moral ageing. When recycled streams and used tyres, a closed Pirotex pyrolysis is installed in the outlet, more liquid fuel is available than open pyrolysis. It's a good idea for a new, beneficial and promising business in a crisis. Equipment is as automated as possible.

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