Mosquito Seizure Points

varies from 500 to 6,000 roubles per ton. What's the cost of maculature? The demand for macculature from secondary processing enterprises is directly affected.

Other important factors:

  • Type of raw material. The higher the type of maculature taken, the more expensive it is the classification of macculature. Makulature stamps are of high demand: IU-1A, IU2A, ICS-6B, ICS-7B, IC-8B.
  • The volume of macculature given. Our maquilatures are equipped with cargo and standard weights, which allows for the acceptance of macculatures in all volumes, both in industry and the acceptance of macculature from the population. The price depends directly on the volume - the higher the volume of the macculature given, the higher it is.
  • Conditions for supply of macculature to the enterprise. If the delivery is carried out by the means of our business, the cost of the macculature is lower. You can deliver the cheese yourself to our macculature machines. We also take the macculature out of Moscow with 300 kg.
  • Composition and condition of the macculature. The lower the percentage of humidity (the moisture is regulated by GOST 13525.19-91) and the presence of extraneous primises in the macculature, the higher the price.
    Type of packaging. Roads are taken to be classified, pressurized, packed in boils with a mass of between 200 and 600 kg.

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