Waste Treatment Points

Aware of the futility of the hopes of the city ' s officials to perform their direct duties, we, a group of conscious commuters, have decided to begin the recycling of plastic by our own forces. The first successes, the huge front and the lack of competition have led us to the idea of establishing our own Plastic Waste Management Business. What's his point? To set up a network of plastic reception centres throughout Irkutscu.

Полиэтиленовый пакет (ПВД)

Today, the vast majority of beverages and household chemistry are produced in polyethylene bottles. So that the burners don't throw them away, our company organized:

  • The reception of a poet of bottles;
  • The reception of the poet;
  • Plastic packaging reception.

Our atmosphere is very harmful to the foam (polistirol). Today, it is stored in our homes as a package of domestic equipment. After the guaranteed life of the peas, the packages shall be removed for the simple reason that they do not know:

  • Where to wear foam waste;
  • That the period of total polystyrol disintegration in natural conditions is more than 30 years old;
  • We have a polystyrol reception firm in our city and its further neutralization.

Polypropylene buckets, barrels, pallets and boxes are common due to:

  • cheap;
  • diversity;
  • diversity of shapes and colours.

But polypropylene packagings are fragile. When we're broke, we're encouraged to give it to us, and it's good for society, and you'll make it.

Plastic bags have come to life. To ensure that the packages used, polypropylene bags, Big Baggs and canisters are not thrown out into the dump, our company organized:

  • The reception of a polyethylene film;
  • Plastics;
  • Plastic waste management;
  • Adoption of a motor vehicle plastic;
  • Plastic waste.

Processing products

Not only do we accept plastic, but + send it to reprocessing in the agglomerate and granule production lines specifically acquired for this purpose. But before that, all the politician's accepted:

  • sorted,
  • Clear,
  • Spray and
  • produce a flux which is the reference material for the production of a new plastic bottle.

Cost of plastic waste

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