Dumping Point

Это не свалка, это пункт

In the suburban area, the landfill site moved to a new building. Previously, divergent tanks and debris press were under the open sky. Now the whole reception process, garbage processingas well as the subsequent dispatch of it to secondary processing is as convenient as possible. There are four reception windows in the capital building for glass, paper, plastic and other waste. When the tanks are distributed to the residents themselves, the adopted debris shall be converted by hand: PET and glass by colour, separate cartons, pulphine film and aluminium banks. All of this is stacked to the right volume and then pressed into the pallets and stored. Contaminated debris is then taken to specialized reception centres for further processing.

By sorting debris, the operating entity reduces the cost of removing debris to a minimum, and every resident of the Extra-urban Ground makes the environment of the Novosibir region a little better.

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