Waste Management Problem

Дергачевский полигон

Environmental lesson: " Share with us "
15 November 2016

This week, an entire Russian environmental lesson, " Split with us " , was launched in conjunction with World Reprocessing Day.

There's been such an extraordinary lesson in our school! The separating technology and the recycling of household waste to class 7B pupils were described by Colothov E.A. Biology teacher and by Farger A. B. The purpose of the lesson was to describe how every schoolboy could help defeat one of the most important problems of humanity, the problem of waste disposal.

Schools learned about the damage to debris dumping in polygons, how dangerous to burn waste, met the rules of separation, examined the advantages and disadvantages of each of the recycling techniques. Children listened with great interest to a story about the secondary processing of raw materials.

In the second part of the lesson, the boys were asked to perform a practical assignment: the specially assigned materials had to be categorized according to the rules of sorting. Students were also invited to consider the advantages of using each type of secondary test.

Now more than ever, the problem of waste disposal worldwide and in particular in our country is very acute. To date, no more than 5 to 7 per cent of domestic waste is being processed in Russia. And that's a very small percentage. Work in the field of environmental education makes an important contribution to the improvement of this situation.

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