Waste Management Article

Контейнеры для мусора в

Every man always has a lot of big and small problems. Even now, by reading this article, I'm surely a respected reader, you have a certain list of tasks that are critically necessary and at the earliest possible date. Nevertheless, please focus your attention on this note, because we want to turn the usual world into a problem where many people see a solution!

Speech It's about the trash.♪ Musor is bad... it's junk, sor, dirt; it's something that shouldn't be! Musor is a problem, no trash, no problem! But what in our understanding is the lack of debris? This means he must be carefully placed in the trash can and as unmarked as possible from us (fu-fu) to the dump. I mean, basically, he should just disappear from our sight. There's trash, dirty, no, clean, and everybody smiles. I'm sorry, and most importantly, in this way, we act like a child who sincerely believes that he has become invisible. By throwing trash on the dump, we're just pushing the problem away from ourselves, and we're exacerbating it. Why? Because all the secrets are becoming clear, and the process of " show " always has different unpleasant surprises... When, for example, the city ' s inhabitants receive unfit for drinking water poisoned by dumping. Or when, as a result of spontaneous combustion in a landfill coupled with a good wind, all the burning products are in our apartments.

Actually, we all know the dump is not good. And those who have been lucky to be around or on the very polygon can be sure to say it's the last one of them! But we're used to thinking that it's the only way to deal with waste and deal with it as an inevitable evil.

But that's not true. There's no room for the trash! Not even because he gets there, he starts rotting, burning and contaminating everything. It's because the trash can't be! Do you think that's a strange statement? Let's get this together.

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