Debris Reprocessing Event

Европейский опыт: переработка

Waste management includes waste management, waste management (including recycling, incineration, dumping, etc.) and waste reduction activities.

Terms of solid municipal waste and waste management are used abroad in practice and research. Municipal waste has different origins and is broader than domestic waste, as it includes additional waste from catering, traders, educational institutions, etc. They are united by the fact that the responsibility for disposal lies with the city.

Waste management includes waste management, waste management (including recycling, incineration, dumping, etc.) and waste reduction activities.

The composition and volume of municipal waste depends on the country, area, time of the year. Waste patterns vary depending on the country ' s development. The share of paper and paperboard in developed countries reaches 40 per cent, with less than 10 per cent in underdeveloped countries. The share of other waste is changing.

Currently, developed countries produce between 1 and 3 kg of per capita household waste per day, with an increase of 10 per cent every 10 years in the United States. Outside, more and more waste has led to a landfill crisis. At the same time, landfills have not taken so many places. Thus, all debris produced in Russia can be located in the area of 600 square kilometres, with a thickness of 25 metres.

Thus, foreign analysts believe that the problem of waste includes interrelated aspects

♪ Municipal waste is constantly increasing per capita and absolute;

- The composition of waste is complicated, and more environmentally hazardous components are emerging;

♪ The population ' s relationship to landfills is changing and is becoming sharply negative;

♪ Acts that strengthen waste management are applied;

♪ The economy and waste management are complicated. The price of waste management is rising and it attracts private business. Waste collection and recycling requires major investments.

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