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khmThe automobile word sounds fantastic. But seeing in Hmelnicus a couple of passengers filled with bottles with a plate on Narodavtotrans's frontal glass, you're starting to believe, yes, business without government control is possible.

As long as politicians and officials have long and little confidence in the plans to emerge from the economic crisis, and for the third year we have been announcing some ephemerous reforms that are expected to make us happy and sufficient, Ukraine is slowly relaunching an independent State of the people ' s economy. There are already dozens of businesses and individual entrepreneurs in Lvova, Ternopol and Hmelnicik who do not pay taxes to the State, do not report for their activities in the State Service or in any other State and do not pay for the right to engage in business.

People who have come together with ideas developed by a group of enthusiasts in the city of Khmelnik began to establish people ' s businesses outside the State control area three years ago.
They call themselves simply “humans”, their movement is “territorial cumbersome”, and their vision of an economy without State control is “natural economy”. The term " territorial cumbersome " in Khmelnik has not been construed as used to interpret Ukrainian policies and officials, i.e., not as a combination of citizens who collectively deal with minor issues of local improvement and welfare, such as OSM and " superintendents " in the neighbourhoods.

The " Natural economy " in the chmelnium version is three dozen solid passenger transport companies, Recycledrestaurants and cafes, audit and legal offices and farms. And about 100 people who do small-scale individual businesses: designers, boots, tailors, builders, dentists, artists. They are all merged with the Territorial Gromat treaty, paid minimal contributions to the Gromat Fund, which are referred to as " Investments " , from 100 Hrv per month, and solves key issues of their own business. Without harmonization and reporting to the State.

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