Debris Challenge

сооружений, вызов мусора

On 11 October, at a meeting with the media association, the Mayor of Mahachkala Musa Musaev stated that three months later, the capital of the Republic would be the cleanest city of Russia. Half the time has passed. There are changes, but the worst. And in the Eco M and New City Clining companies, scatter and shade...

Unusual Saturdays

On 19 October, all educational institutions from the Mayor ' s city of Mahachkala were instructed to collect teachers to clean up the surrounding area and to remove the trash from the car from the pedagogical team. On average, 300 roubles were collected from teachers, although companies with which the city ' s administrations contracted for street cleaning and garbage disposal.

The new city of the UK is responsible for passing the streets. At the mayor ' s office, it was explained that on 12 July, municipal contracts were concluded in Lenin, Soviet, Kirov, and all, including financial relations, with Eko M had been terminated since August 2016.

The " New City " is also detached from " Eco M " and suggests new approaches to urban clean-up. Even though it is facing the same challenges. Hendir Anwar Zurhaev noted that the difficulties in clearing the capital were due to the lack of an approved layout scheme in the private and multi-ethnic sectors and the regulation of waste accumulation and the complete removal of company managers, TSW, JC from the management of waste collection and temporary storage.

According to Zurhayev, the mayor ' s prices are unjustified and the last approved tariffs based on the payment of services are dated in 2012. The New City UK has already experienced a systematic delay in the disbursement of services. In his view, this has led to a massive failure to employ drivers and workers.

Also in the CC, the New City considers the contract to be unwarranted for three months, increasing the risks of vehicle acquisition.

Have the creators of the new clinical company not examined the situation in the city or read the terms of the contracts before entering the municipal auctions? Although it was enough to live in Mahachachale to know how and why the city didn't get away. The garbage is out.♪ It is therefore likely that the founders have deliberately done so, as was the case before by Eko M (formerly Caspian Invest). And now she's on her feet.

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