Secondary Garbage Processing Lesson

экологический урок «

Today, when the whole world celebrates the Day of Reprocessing, the organizers of the Water Keepers project take stock of the lessons learned and the Russian-wide dividing contest. The " Water Keepers " project is initiated by PepsiCo and the Green Movement " ECA " . Its purpose is to teach schoolchildren to be environmentally friendly and to preserve the planet for future generations.

Almost 14,000 lessons were held from 3 to 28 October. In lesson, schoolchildren not only learned in theory how to sort waste, how to treat it and how to give a second life to things, but also participated in an environmental game that trains knowledge. But that's not the practice. Thousands of junior students were trained in sewers, fodders, telephone holders, lighters, coughs and toys, using plastic bottles, dishwashers and other household wastes as the reference material. Senior students have introduced waste collection and disposal points in their schools. The competition was attended by 249 schools, and all the boys collected and surrendered 524 tons of maculature and nearly 3 tons of plastic. The paper recycled can save more than 10, 5,000 tons of water, and the plastic collected is sufficient to produce more than 2,5,000 flasks or over 9,000 T-shirts. Winner schools, which collected the most of all the papers and plastics, were awarded with prizes and boxes for secondary collection.

" One of the main environmental problems is the fight against various types of debris. In the course of the ecology, our students learned how modern technologies help to recycle debris. The schoolgirls looked at the presentation, discussed and concluded: "Strengthening House trash We're reducing the number of urban dumps!" Such lessons can be used to address the current challenges of modern society " , in the view of Nadja Vasilevna Alekseev, a teacher at the elementary level of the Isooplit Tver region.

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