Secondary Processing Equipment

Оборудование по переработке

Proposed Small business to collect and recycle (plastic bottles (PETF) and jerricans, plastic boxes, aluminium and rigid baths, maculators, etc.).

In trade enterprises (markets, bases, stores, shopping centres), packaging waste (makulature and polymer pulmonary), and many of them are simply dumped in a garbage container. Value garbage removal High, and one waste tank with a volume of 0, 8 cubic metres shall contain not more than 30-40 kg of cardboard boxes and polymeric plates.

Deal with the director of the business (for free or for the symbolic fee) so the cardboard boxes and the tapes will be stored separately and you will take them out.

Next, on the car, you drive these objects and bring them all to your warehouse. Minimum storage area 50 square metres♪ Contaminated waste can be stored underweight.

Loading the pressurized incursions can be hand-delivered, and then you'll get manual. Hydraulic headquarters or a loader to load the kip in the vehicles.

Of the equipment, you will need paper boxes, newspapers, magazines. Weights are also required for 100 to 300 kg.


Secondary prices

  • The most common IC-6 macculature mark (carton packagings) is purchased by processing plants at a price of 3,500 to 5,000 roubles per tonne.
  • The PVD tape (used in the packaging of juices, beer and water, milk and yogurts) is 8,000 to 6,000 roubles per tonne.
  • The shooter (used to pack a stick) is worth 0 rubs per ton.

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