Secondary Processing Of Paper

What's going on with the paper after the reprocessing? Of secondary raw materials, specialized enterprises receive quality paper. The macculature shall be recycled at least five times, as no more than 80 per cent of the links between the pulp fibres shall be restored during the process. Another important problem is the removal of adhesive substances used in the manufacture of books, gophrotics and other finished products. They are easily destroyed, but entering important nodes of equipment, they kill them, which contributes to failure.

There are many problems and water pollution that the recycling industry needs to be carefully cleaned before the discharge to urban sewage. This requires modern equipment, new technologies.

Secondary processing of the paper is started from its sorting: the raw material must be separated by colour, density, fibre composition, discharge speed in water and other parameters. This process is being conducted manually, as infrared sensors and other automation equipment are unable to achieve this objective qualitatively. It is important to define the composition of secondary raw materials, since the production of a particular product is not entirely maculature. Sorting is an important stage of recycling, paper processing and paperboard starts with it, and our company staff perform this work carefully and qualitatively.

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