Secondary Plastic Processing

вторичная переработка

Secondary processing of a variety of polymer wastes is defined as the industrial processing of used plastics products in polymer raw materials suitable for other products. Secondary processing is not used to generate energy.

Secondary plastic processing.

The number of polymer products increases every year. On this basis, many modern companies are engaged in a process such as the secondary processing of plastic bottles, boxes, films, etc., including to avoid environmental pollution.

The secondary processing of polymers is critical, as the recycling of plastic waste is a global problem. Through the press of national legislation around the world, protests against the dumping of polymer waste, landfills are becoming more wasteful. The secondary processing of plastics has become a very important issue for all mankind, which must be addressed today.

The use of secondary raw materials as a new resource base is one of the world ' s most dynamic industries for polymer processing. For Russia, it is relatively new. However, interest in cheap resources, which are secondary polymers, is very tangible, so the world experience of their reprocessing needs to be met.

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