The purpose of the robot is to deliver 4 waste blocks to 4 empty waste tanks for recycling at the waste processing plant. 4 waste bricks are represented by 4 LEGO 2x2 red, blue, green and yellow bricks. Waste-processing tanks are square-holes collected from LEGO, red, blue, green and yellow. All four LEGO bricks representing the classified waste should be placed in the appropriate tanks of the same colour.

Start Area - launch area

image013.pngRecycling Containers - waste disposal containers

Recycling Tanks - waste treatment tanks

Recycling Plant - Waste Processing Plant

Robot Maintenance Area - Robot maintenance area

image014.pngRecycling Container Areas is a waste disposal container area

At the beginning of the attempt,4 the waste blocks are located in the appropriate containers for disposal, presented by red, blue, green and yellow boxes made from LEGO, these boxes are located in four coloured waste container areas.

Containers, however, are located in non-coloured waste container areas, so the robot is also responsible for bringing containers to their right place (according to their colour) before the robot completes the assignment by returning to the robot maintenance area.

Waste disposal containers:

image017.pngWaste to be processed:

Waste recyclers:

Robot starts up in the launch zone. 4 waste disposal containers submitted by red, blue, green and yellow boxes from the LEGO parts are arbitrarily located in 4 waste disposal containers. Each container contains a block of scattered waste presented by a LGO brick of the same colour as the container.

4 waste treatment tanks are arbitrarily located in places designated for tanks Processing Plant waste treatment plant. Waste-processing facilities are bubbles with square deepening collected from the red, blue, green and yellow bricks of the LEGO.

Two minutes for the assignment.


image019.png1. All participants should be in specially designated locations in the competition area and expect an announcement to begin the assembly and retrieval period.

2. The pattern of this competition is as follows:

a. Qualification rounds (between the best result);

b. Quarterfinal (1 round);

c. Halffinal (1 round);

d. Final (1 round).

3. The period of collection and rendition for these competitions is 150 minutes and will be preceded by the first qualification round.

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