Organic Waste

Вторичная переработка

When you're going for a good weekend, you want to make it work and get something bigger and rest, of course. In such a situation, technologies have to be used to save time. One of these methods is cucumber cultivation in 200-litre barrels.

As soon as the snow comes, it's set on 2-3 barrels, that's enough to provide cucumbers with a family of 4-5 people. The barrels are vertical, in the sun, the cucumbers love the sun, and in the shadow of the harvest will be much smaller. The main preparatory work to be undertaken is to fill barrels with nutrient soil. We put up last year ' s plant residues (fishes, salt, botwo), wet grass, kitchen waste and vegetable purification, weeds that leap out of the ground in preparation for streams - word, all organic waste is boldly thrown into a barrel. If there's a non-renewable manure, we'll put it in the barrel, too.

But as well as fill the barrel, in a week, it's gonna be half-empty, because the organism, rotting, will be fine. There's still time until the end of May, so we're going back to the grass, collecting weeds, leaves in the woods and filling up a barrel of trust. At the end of May, the grass, manure, weeds and organic waste are pouring good land and planting cucumbers. The earth is soaked that it is a level with the barrel, but at least 10 to 15 cm. Let's go, and we'll get the cucumber seeds right away. The barrel needs 3-8 seeds. The seed is uniform, about 15 cm apart.

In order to keep the lashes on the sharp edge of the barrel in the wind, it can be fitted with a special polon tube. For the first time, as long as the weather is fragile, we're working over the barrel of a stitch. To this end, the cross-section of the metal wire should be plunged into the ground and covered with it on the top of either a polyethylene tape or a non-contained wing material, placing them on the barrel walls with a rope. In this case, rainwater will not swell on cucumbers, but strolls outside.

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