Business Plan For The Recycling Plant

Бизнес план

On 11 November, the Kushwin City District Administration held a competition of best youth business plans.

In accordance with the decision of the Kushwin City District Administration, a youth business project competition was held for the first time in 2016 as part of the programme " Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises " . The competition is organized by the Kushwin Enterprise Development Centre, with the support of the local office of the Edinja Russia Party, the Administration and the Education Department of the Kushwin City District. In May of this year, a training seminar was held with 25 schoolchildren and 25 students. The last Friday, the boys presented their ideas to the jury and viewers.

In the second phase of the competition, the close protection of business plans, 13 works were submitted from 15 participants in two awards: the " Best Youth Project " for young people from 18 to 35 and the " Best School Project " for students from 14 to 17 years of age.

What kind of business today is attractive to the Quiet Youth? This can be seen from the ideas put forward by a growing generation of entrepreneurs, a different type of production and a business involving various social services.

The 11th grader of Pavel Shitov is interested in the production of turkey meat, for which a young man proposes to develop his farm. Catherine Sherstuk and Anastasia Igoshev, students at school No. 3 are planning to open a dental clinic with young professionals. The student of the Barancin Electrical Technician, Michael Breder, offered to organize a wi-fi café in the settlement library building. " Such an institution may not only rest but read books " , the author said. A student of school No. 10, Danil Andrushchenko, sees the prospects for the development of a school-leaving workshop in the walls of his educational establishment. Svetlana Chernichenko and Yulia Alferev were planning a gym with modern equipment in the city. Sports issues were supported by a nine-year-old student of Tatiana Suvorov, who shinedly defended her sports board business project.

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