Mini Recycling Plants

Мини-завод по переработке пластиковых отходов открылся в Кемеровской областиThe Plastic Waste Processing Mini Launch was launched in the Camero District

In Moskah (Kemera province), a mini-gathering exercise on plastic waste was launched. The project was made possible by the initiative of start-up entrepreneurs and the grant support of the city ' s administration, amounting to 600,000 roubles, and is reported on the website of the administration of the Moscow City District.

The enterprise has a plastic bottle reception centre for organizations and the population, some of the long-served packagings come from solid household waste. The trash is then recycled. The technology chain consists of two machines and one additional.

Plastic products are loaded into a special chamber, grinded and then washed. Prepared products in the form, so-called, are sent to a specialized plant for further processing and production of new products. The refinery is designed to service not only the Moskov, but over time and the surrounding municipalities. Processing will reach five tons of plastic per month.

♪ This investment project is very important for our territory. It will contribute to reducing emissions and improving the culture of the population. Since there will soon be special containers in Moska to collect plastic packagings. In addition, two new jobs were created through the project in the city, and in his opening address, the Deputy Head of the Moscow City District for Economics and Industry noted

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