Driving Of Garbage

ручной сортировки ТБО

Since the 1990s, Russia has begun to receive a large flow of goods from the West, and many domestic producers have introduced foreign packing technologies into our homes. After the product is used, the package is dumped in garbage and, as a specialized language, becomes solid household waste (BW). According to various sources, Russia produces more than 7 billion tons of solid domestic waste every year and continues to grow. Instead of reusing the remaining materials, more than 90 per cent of the debris is buried in landfills, or simply burned. And only about 8 per cent of the TBT goes to secondary processing. By comparison, in Europe this figure is 7-8 times higher. Greenpeace studies have shown that if there is nothing to change in the garbage disposal system, 8-10 years later, the major cities of Russia will be flooded with waste.

However, the recycling and processing of TBTs in a number of countries is a profitable business. You'd think you'd use ready technologies and use them in our country, especially since there's now a steady demand for technology. Secondary resources♪ But it's not that simple! Russia has always “specially to become”:

- To teach Rosyanina to separate collection of debris - the task of Indonesian-Ottoov, which leads to the specific “Russian” morphology of the TBT;

- Lack of developed waste management infrastructure: FF polygons are overloaded and some are not sanitary and modern;

- Highly expressed seasonality forces the use of equipment in difficult weather conditions;

- Lack of skilled personnel to service expensive equipment;

- The need for sufficient initial investment and the lack of project grants.

In other words, today Russia needs a technology to work on the " Russian " morphology of the TBT, based on a reliable, relatively low cost, simple maintenance of equipment that can operate under any weather conditions.

Such technology, in our view, is a manual grading of TBT with elements to automate the selection process of individual fractions based on simple physical principles, followed by the sealing of the useful TBT and Hvost fractions. Its implementation will focus on:

- Choice of manual sorting technology adapted to the realities of Russian TBTs;

- the choice of quality equipment at a reasonable cost to ensure the profitability of production.

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