Dumping In Seals

The prison area is preparing for a new treatment of waste. The Deputy Director, Natalia Strashkov, Department of Neutral Use and Environment, spoke about this today. According to her, the entry into operation of four recycling plants was scheduled for 2018, but those facilities could be surrendered earlier.

The new waste management scheme was approved by the Government of Tymen province on 9 September. Under this document, a regional operator will monitor the removal of waste from early 2017. According to Strashkov, the operator will be selected in the coming months. He's the one who's gonna make contracts with both the polygons and the ejectors. This will help in the fight against unauthorized landfills, which now number over 500: " The polygon estimates the amount of waste from the ejectors. The data is transmitted to a single operator, who pays for the removal of garbage. Thus, when a bad-ass snatcher dumps trash on a natural landfill, he just won't get the money. "

Before the plants start in 2018, all the trash will be taken to the polygons. Waste will be sorted and recycled by the opening in Tumeni, Ishima, Yalutorsk and Tobolsk of recycling plants. And only what's not possible again will be sent to the landfill sites.

Наталья Страшкова

In addition to the four plants in the Tymen region, waste transfer stations and household waste sites equipped with press kits will be made available. “We expect that at least 60 per cent of the waste will be suitable for further processing: glass, plastic, textile, paper. The remaining wastes, mainly organic, will be stored on licensed polygons " , noted Natalia Strashkov.

Natalia Strashkov also noted that, according to professional estimates, every Tumen had begun to produce almost four times more garbage today than 10 years ago: 3-4 cubic metres of waste per year, although according to the standards approved in 2005, it was about 1, 2 cubic metres.

As of 1 January, the payment of solid household waste will have to be paid to all residents of multi-family homes and private-sector and cottage settlements. " Waste produces everything and payments will be made to the regional operator. We now believe that there will be no significant increase in the tariff, we have noted Natalia Strashkov.

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