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In a yellow container (Gelbe Tonne) or a yellow bag (Gelber Sack), all packaging materials marked by the Green Point (Der Grüne Punkt), e.g. empty aluminium banks, plastic packages, milk bags and juice, are removed.

Green bags can be accessed free of charge in the city hall. In addition, garbage bags are sold in supermarkets.

Paper Container

Big and small blue containers For paper and paperboard collection: old newspapers, magazines, promotional works, books, paper and cardboard packages. There's been an increase in recent years. reception centres Papers and paperboards that pay a small sum per kilo of macculature.

Glass Container

There are special glass containers separated by colour - white, green or brown♪ Two points shall be taken into account when the glass is sorted. First, these containers cannot be ejected with a refillable glazer (Mehrwegflaschen/Pfandflaschen). Secondly, before throwing a bottle or a bank into a glass container, it has to be removed (and thrown in a yellow container).

Refillable glass

The re-use glass is marked by a special sign of the word " Mehrweg " . When buying drinks in such a glazing unit, the package takes the collateral that returns to empty bottles. For example, glass bottles from beer cannot be thrown out into the glazing container because they are multiple and they are charged with collateral.

Glass bottles are often placed on Pfand, Pfandflasche or ohne Pfand.

Organic waste

Brown containers are only intended for Organic Waste (Up)i.e., food waste, non-edible parts of fruit or vegetables, egg and nuts shell, coffee filters, tea bags used, and garden garbage, such as leaves and weed grass. Liquids, cigarette lights and child diapers in the organic waste container cannot be removed.

Other debris

Wastes that do not contain harmful substances but are not recycled and reused are thrown into " eastern debris " containers. These debris include, for example, ash, used dustbins, cigarette lights, rubber, hygiene items, diapers, natural and artificial skin.

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