Take The Macculature In The Red Gift

The collection of macculature from the population is carried out by small macculature reception centres. Major commodity companies provide a large, expanded package of services:

  • Reception of macculature;
  • Processing of macculature;
  • I don't know.

The most imaginary commodity companies open a network of their subsidiaries not only in Krasnodar, but also in suburban areas (Staro Corsun, Elyzavetin, Lviv, Marian and others).

The degree of development of business based on the purchase of macculature in Krasnodar indicates the concentration of pulp and paper industries:

  • Red-Dark Carton Factory;
  • Newosakhtina paper factory, Rostov-na-Donu;
  • Donutm, Rostov-na-Dona (specialized in white paper and tetrates);
  • Carton-polygraphic factory, Rostov-na-Dona.

More like other maculature varieties, they buy a card.

Склад макулатуры в Краснодаре

Photo: Maculature deposit in Krasnodar

How to make the macculature right.

Before giving up the macculature, it is necessary to know where to collect it and how to prepare it. You don't need to collect macculature on landfills, garbage dumps and near factories. The collected macculature should:

  • Remove, remove, remove, remove, skill, velocity and weight of objects;
  • dry;
  • connect.
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