Waste Recycling

Conscripts, recycles and extremism fighters

Today, Russia celebrates Organized crime unit day... It wasn't that long ago to fight. The 6th Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR was established on 15 November 1988 (where and date) and, in new times, it was reformed and renamed (because of the General Directorate, then by the Department) ...On end, since 2008, it has been an independent structural unit called: Directorate-General for Combating Extremism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Let's go. Today, Russia celebrates the Conscript's Day... it must be said that it was set up in 1992 when, if anyone remembers, the army was considered to be a failure. (Steply surprisingly, at what speed the restructured media have injected into public consciousness this idea, literally until the mid-1980s, vice versa, the " emptied " were thought to have been partially incomprehensible... and they were units). However, the army has been said to have changed significantly since then, and it is not only a reduction in the length of service to the year (from 2008). Most recently, we were talking about the recruits, so, basically, the conscript is a recruit, and it is... with the difference that they happened at first for life and then for twenty-five years...

... Sources say that there is a Recycling Day in some countries today (i.e., simply recycling of waste, but the event was initiated by Americans in 1997). But there was always a waste problem. On the one hand, we've made a lot of progress, considering that a few more centuries ago, the gorillas were pounding their vases out of the window, and the scientists were very serious about how the manure layer would cover the streets by the beginning of the nineteenth century... But... Since then, other scientists have come up with some dark, dark stuff... in full compliance with the logic of progress, they serve for a little while, and now they're just being decomposed for a little while... if not at all! ♪

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