Гидромеханическая сортировка

Solid household waste management allows special equipment. GC Ecomteh produces and sells TBTs on favourable terms.

In the development of equipment, the enterprise relies on both traditional and innovative design solutions. A strong production base improves the quality and cost of sorting complexes. The experience and qualifications of technical staff provide an opportunity to develop modern, productive and non-core equipment.

Principal benefits of the Ecomteh GC TBT sorting complexes are:

  • High specifications;
  • compact dimensions;
  • Reliable and ergonomic design;
  • Long term of service;
  • Best value;
  • Producer guarantee up to 5 years

By issuing quality tribes for TBT, the enterprise also serves its clients at the European level. Continuous feedback with partners, speed of engagement, good understanding of customer interests and a number of associated services make cooperation with the company more convenient and efficient.

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