Today, more than ever, the problem of the disposal of domestic waste, which is constantly generated in human life, is more pressing. These waste, gradually accumulated, has already become the greatest disaster. Therefore, Governments of technologically developed countries are beginning to pay increasing attention to environmental protection by promoting new technologies for recycling garbage.

This is because traditional debris incineration technologies, which are common in our country, are in fact impasse, as they do not protect the environment and waste the money.

Fortunately, modern technologies have now provided a fundamental opportunity not only to significantly reduce the cost of waste disposal, but also to achieve some economic impact.

So, we will consider the most popular methods of solid household waste management in our country, to which we can include:

  • TB combustion
  • Composing TBT
  • Land debris
  • Termic recycling of debris
  • Breast recycling

Methods of recycling

Технология переработки мусора (ТБО)

Dumping involves the separation of solid household waste into small fractions. This includes the process of extracting from debris the most valuable secondary raw materials and the subsequent reduction of debris components by heating and seding them.

TBTs usually precede further disposal of debris, and since this procedure is indeed the most important, practically every landfill is now available garbage processing plant (BWC). Such a plant is directly responsible for distributing from the debris a fraction of various useful substances, such as metals, glass, plastics, paper and other materials, to further separate recycling.

Incineration of TBT is the most common way to destroy solid domestic waste, which has been used in practice for more than 100 years. Incineration of household debris results in a significant reduction in the volume and mass of debris and allows additional energy resources that can be used to generate electricity during recycling. Naturally, this way has a lot of pews, but it's also undetectable.

Inadequacies in this way include the distribution of hazardous substances in the combustion process and the destruction of valuable organic components contained in household debris.

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