Debris Processing In German

Германия и мусорWhat's 100 percent typical German? Paranoidity? Reliance? Maybe a dog tuck? Or is the dirdle German national clothes? Maybe.

But this is how the Germans treat the collection and Dumping can be processed shock any non-resident foreigner. There's no doubt. It's definitely German.

Throwing trash in Germany isn't easy. From a long time, the Burgers sort out the trash before they throw it away. Every German house has its own personal debris tanks. Each apartment has at least three garbage collections. Maybe eight.

The garbage collection system is actually a few. Which one is used in a particular house depends both on the land where the house is located and on which company the owner of the house has contracted to remove the trash. Yeah, yeah. Normal household debris in Germany cannot be thrown into a large garbage container. Instead, a set of containers of different colours is secured for each construction.

With the simplest system, one tank needs to dump food waste, the other is the rest of the trash, but... It has to be determined what the rest of the trash is.

Like bottles. Drinking a bottle of wine, Rossian's gonna throw it in the trash. In Germany, this is strictly prohibited. All the glass needs to be packed in a special box at home. Every two weeks, this box should be put on the street on a special day, and a special glazing machine for hours at 7:00 a.m. will devastate your horrific grochetes. Although in large cities, glass can be thrown into special containers on its own.

There are also days when old household equipment and other metal products appear near the doors of German houses. They're putting her out tonight. In the morning, the dumpsters put everything in their cars and take it away. But until now, the poor can easily take things to themselves. German working things don't break up. For example, if the cord at the old TV is cut, then it's completely broken and it's impossible to use it anymore. If the cord is in place, the TV works and anyone can take it if he needs it. Five years ago, this could have been free of charge for the ex-consumption, but working equipment for the entire poor. But with the Internet auctions, good things were almost stopped out.

Furniture from wood and plastics needs to be removed separately, as well as outdoors. To say, even Christmas trees can only be thrown out once a year. If you've forgotten, you'll have to recycle. But discarding with other types of debris is prohibited, and they may be fined.

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