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Как сделать город чище: утилизация отходов по-финскиFinland is the State in northern Europe, ranking 1 on the Newsweek Newsweek magazine.

But Finland is not only famous for high-quality products, low-cost cottages, practically free medicine for the country ' s inhabitants and full free primary and higher education, but also the attitude of the State and ordinary citizens towards the environment.

Today, we will tell you about Finnish experience in waste management or how to make the city clean.

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In this small northern country, practically everything that can be processed, including organic waste, from which the compost is made is being processed.

The waste collection system in Finland is very developed and includes both containers for separate waste collection in residential or private houses and so-called drop-off centres in large urban supermarkets. Various other initiatives to increase the percentage of recycled wastes are also common. For example, compost containers in urban parks:

Как сделать город чище: утилизация отходов по-фински

Or small secular urns in shopping centres:

In the world, there are different patterns of secondary collection by type. In one case, all eligible recycling of garbage He's going to one container. Here, the main challenge is to separate the inhalation of food waste, which may pollute it and complicate further processing. A major sorting is done after the waste has been released to the garbage disposal station.

In another case, the residents themselves perform a serious pre-classification of waste in several tanks intended for different types of plastics, glass, metal and other. That kind of tank could be different. ♪ Finland selected the second option

Как сделать город чище: утилизация отходов по-финскиDumping facilities in the yards and houses are operated by various private and municipal companies. There's a lot of them in every big Finnish town. The type of separate containers may therefore vary depending on the waste carrier. This may be multi-coloured plastic tanks on wheels, one large container tumor with different compartments or tanks of the same colour:

I have to say that the scrupulous finishes are very carefully and responsibly sorting the intern. Apart from the fact that the country is in principle prosperous in all spheres of life, well-designed economic incentives also contribute to this.

Как сделать город чище: утилизация отходов по-фински Как сделать город чище: утилизация отходов по-фински Как сделать город чище: утилизация отходов по-фински Как сделать город чище: утилизация отходов по-фински

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