Metal Recycling

Утилизация серебра

Metal is a solid household waste category from metal. Motor vehicles, household and computer equipment, construction, construction, construction, cabling and other metal products not suitable for use on purpose.

Lom management is an integral part of metallurgical production. Given the enormous number of such items in the home and production, it is important to know how to get rid of them properly.

Purchase of scrap metal: raw materials

There are many indications of the division of products into categories and groups. The basic criterion is the quantification of a certain metal. The black scrap is classified into three categories: iron, iron, iron, non-removable. Structural, metalworking, ocalin, decommissioned products. The worm is divided into two classes on carbon content and 67 groups on the content of legit additives.

Colour fracture is divided into seven categories: copper alloys, aluminium, magic, titanium, lead, rare, semiconductor scrap.

Secondary scrap processing precious metals - jewellery, catalysts, electronic heaters, batteries - are the process of gold, silver, platinum for further use in production.

Magnetic and titanium waste is the prerogative of the aeroplane and ship industry. Lead fractures are battery and cable. High-tech production disposes of the waste of highly rare alloys. E-Industry, metal scrap processing is mainly provided with semiconductor materials.

Metal-containing scrap recycleability places to buy granite countertops.

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