Online Debris Processing

The organization developed an online play to highlight the problem of urban debris accumulation and the inability to cope with conventional methods without causing environmental damage. " There are now 11 million tons of waste in the capital and the provinces each year, 90 per cent of which are dumped, 6 per cent burnt and only 4 per cent recycled. Although the Central European countries are already processing about two thirds of debris today, Greenpeace is on the official website.

The organization analysed the current debris situation and estimated that " unless Moscow began to develop a segregated waste collection and recycling system, the landfill would have to be divided into two parks of Gorky each year. " In addition, the organization of a secondary processing system could create several tens of thousands of new jobs in the city. The review, with all calculations and possible development scenarios, was sent personally to Mayor Sergei Sobianin.

The musorinating environmental protectors are arguing that their emissions " lead to cancer, infertility, deviations in children ' s development " and landfills for being " a source of poisonous substances that inevitably fall into nature and human organisms " . In the meantime, the processing of the second-life backwards is referred to in Greenpeace. The organization proposes to support the idea and send Sergei Sobianin a letter (which is premeditated, the player needs to only enter personal data), and as a reward, a small animation where the happy mayor is sorting garbage.

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