Send Garbage For Processing


In anticipation of the Processing Day of 15 November, Komsomolka checked whether there were any domestic items in the enterprise producing secondary products.

Long time

The recycling plant in Broadcasting is still not operational. We will recall that the enterprise started building in 2007. There's only solid garbage disposals here today. When the plants earn 100 per cent, they start processing polymers and rubbers. Once that happens, it's not clear, funding's not enough.

So, for the time being, organizations of enthusiasm regulate the treatment of garbage in public goods. Okay, until recently, Blagovaska was working mini--Processing Plant Motor tyres. They took the old tires from all over the area and even from Yakuchi. They were converted into powder and dust at the enterprise. Large factions were mixed with special cells. They covered stadiums and sports sites. The crumbs were filled with boxing pears and other strike trains. The rubber dust was added to the asphalt-betone mixture to make elastic.

♪ We have equipment in place on our enterprise for the manufacture of bordeur stones and trottoire stoves, which is spoken by the director of Julius Koplov. - The works were strong and endless. Demand for products was high.

But this factory, a monopoly in its field, suddenly went bankrupt. The reason was external circumstances.

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