Waste Management In The Ukrainian

As long as Ukraine does not know what to do with billions of tons of garbage, Europe is making extensive use of waste in various fields of production, earning a lot of money.

Ukrainian Musor Bowl

Ukraine has 6, 5,000 licit and about 35,000 illegal landfills totalling 7 per cent of the territory, which can be compared to the whole area of Denmark (over 43,000 square kilometres). And every year, the situation just gets worse. According to environmental estimates, Ukraine has accumulated 54 million cubic metres of waste; annual landfills are filled by about 15 to 17 million tons. Only a tenth of the collected debris is being processed.

Today there are four incinerators in the country: Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Harkova and occupied Sevastopol. But only the Kiev Enterprise works.

There's nowhere to go, 'cause he'll be falling apart for hundreds of years. And even if we start to sort it and process it, the vast areas of fertile land will not rise before 300 years.

There are no sanitation schemes in rural settlements, no containers for solid household waste collection, no collection and disposal of waste. There are one or two authorized landfills in the district centres for which funds are needed to transport the waste. Ineffective environmental control of waste management, low environmental consciousness of residents. So in villages, people take trash to the forest or the river,
- He's telling the environmental of the International Charitable Organisation of Ecology-Pravo-Cellovek, Alla Vojikovskaya.

On 28 May, in the Gribowitz landfill under Lviv, the country was reminded once again of global environmental problems. There are no problems with waste in every settlement, but areas garbage disposal As such, Ukraine does not exist.

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