grodno_mus_zavod_15_♪ There's gonna be a conway, there's gonna be some sort of waste, and the staff show up on a new conway tape that should be launched this summer. In any case, the plant ' s test run is scheduled for 1 July. In the meantime, final construction work is under way.

♪ I guess there's not gonna be such a fresh smell.

- The smell will, of course, be garbage, but we've got a strong extraction, so the staff will be comfortable, telling the director of Viacheslav Andreevsky.

The enterprise will employ more than 200 people in three shifts. The first and second shifts will deal with mixed municipal waste and the third will handle mixed municipal waste. garbage disposalwhich in the city was collected in separate containers. It's plastic, paper, glass and textile.

grodno_mus_zavod_10_The production capacity of the plant is the processing of 120,000 tons of solid domestic waste. At the same time, the enterprise will work all day of the year without a weekend and a stop.

The launch is near the TBO polygon near the villages of Rogachi and Esselka Grodne district. The new plant is built by Chinese. Cost is almost $29 million.

Three more months after the launch of the garbage disposal plant, Chinese experts will follow the line and train our specialists.

There'll be Belarusians working here later, but the staff hasn't been recruited yet.

The need to build such an enterprise near Grodno has long been seen.

grodno_mus_zavod_12_A large part of the trash we're throwing is a secondary that can be recycled. According to the statistics, one hormonese throws about 500 kilos of garbage a year.

Plastic, paper, textile will be separated from the garbage disposal plant. The second one here will be squeezed and then shipped to the reprocessing industry.

Professionals say a big dump near Grodno is almost full. There's a mess around here all the time. Some 190,000 tons of garbage come here a year. On the road that leads to the TBT polygon, there's always a stove of orange garbage trucks. Just a day, dozens of these trucks come here. To unload this territory and build a garbage disposal plant. After his launch, the only thing left in the landfill would be that would not be quashed in the enterprise.

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