Tbo Recovery

Переработка ТБО в Новосибирске

In Mahakkale, work began to clean the air sewers and to replace hatches

The employees of the DGCC communal work began from the Magomedtagyrov (ul. Kazbekov), D. Akusinski and Petra I.

Prior to the colds, similar clean-up work involving three brigades and specialized positioning equipment will be carried out on other streets of the city.

According to Pasha Aliyev ' s reciprocator of the Push Aliyev rainbow networks, the storm drains are scattered due to the late recycling of the TBT, the inaccurate removal of the street estimates, and the negligence of the towns who dump the trash.

Moreover, there are also cases of theft of sewers and tidal bars, which contributes to the rapid debris of the valley. Pasha Aliyev calls on the town and guests of the capital to take care of municipal property. The Mahačkali Administration Press Service reports that it is possible for the town to report the absence of hatches and to download photographs to the " Fotofact " section on the official website of the Mahacaly Administration.

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