Breast Removal

Photo: Pavel of the Poor

Igor Chaika, young son of Attorney General Yuri Chaiki Foto: Pavel Bednikov

A 15-year contract for the removal of garbage in the areas of Moscow was contracted by a junior son ' s firm, Attorney-General Yuri Chaiki, Igor, and approved by a lawyer of the Anti-Corruption Fund, Alexei Naval. RBK dealt with who companies had won the tenders in Moscow for almost 50 billion roubles over the past few years.


In 2012 - 2014, the Mayor of Moscow held nine tenders for the award of 15-year landfill contracts totalling over 142 billion roubles. The city pays for garbage removal and disposal services, and tender winners are required to purchase new garbage trucks, waste collection containers and to build sorties and waste disposal sites.

The two largest lot (42, 6 billion roubles) -- the dumping of garbage in the North-East and Eastern Districts of Moscow -- won a chartered company of 10,000 roubles registered in 2012. The latest financial figures are dated 2013. The company was then lost: the proceeds were 1, 8 million roubles, the net loss was 9, 5 million roubles. But everything changed in 2014. By winning the right to collect debris in SWAO and WAO, Hartia provided a multi-million-dollar turnover for 15 years.

Shortly after the victory at the Hartia competition, the Bank of Moscow purchased 267 million rubies from the Altoufya Highway and Dominanta, which owns the old garbage truck fleet. The source of investment was the Bank of Moscow ' s credit, and the Director-General of Hartia, Alexander Nikolski, informed the BCK. In addition, he said that the company had already purchased some 50 new garbage trucks and other equipment, and had installed 8,5,000 garbage collection containers (total 13,000). By 2018, Nicole plans (which requires the terms of the contract) to build its own landfill and garbage disposal site. It is also considering the possibility of renting a Dumpster No. 4 in the area of Nepaska, which belongs to the city.

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