Glass Removal

Пункты приема стеклотарыRussia produces more than a million tons of glass waste annually. It's the material that, if decomposed, only hundreds of thousands of years. When you hit the trash polygons, the glass doesn't override, like other waste, but it just slams the environment. But it can be processed without any waste or by-products. At the same time, each ton of recycled glass saves about 650 kg of sand, 186 kg of soda and about 200 kg of limestone, and significantly reduces energy consumption during production.стеклотара There is also no doubt about the advantages of glass packaging compared to plastic or paper: it is both high hygienic properties and strength, and the preservation of taste and aroma of products, and the possibility of reusing it, and of course the potential for processing. That's why. glazing is a valuable secondary resource.

Requirements of commodity organizations for glazing:

  • The battle mirror and the glazing glass are not accepted;
  • Biotails with alien objects (camps, coal, iron, ceramics);
  • Wet glass;

* Smoke the broken glass in several ways.

What you need to know when you get the glass.

The glazing points put forward several basic requirements for the wetted cheese. If it's not about glazing, the integrity of the articles, their purity, and sometimes the lack of labels is important. However, each organization has its rules for the reception of glass packagings, which are better understood in advance. For example, any number of bottles may be taken in one paragraph, while the other will have a strict minimum. On average, between 40 and 100 boxes of bottles are taken in one such location.

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